Update: 2 here. Check out a clip of the prototype here.

I love . I use it to listen to music all the time, but there are definitely some aspects that can be improved. Inspired by this awesome Medium post, I set out to redesign Spotify. As a way of learning Sketch in the process, I decided to document my on a day-by-day basis. This is what I accomplished today:

Day Mode

Drew these mockups on Sketch. I wanted to incorporate the iconic Spotify green.

I think Spotify looks beautiful. The color scheme is great and I really love the fonts they use. (Shoutout to Stanley Wood.) However, I do think it’d be a nice touch to offer users the option of changing the color scheme for their own interface. Don’t get me wrong, the original dark theme is sleeeeek, but it’d be nice to look at a brighter interface every so often. On mobile, the setting would be located under Your Library and the Settings icon in the top right corner. On desktop, it would be under Preferences. Day Mode would still maintain the iconic Spotify green, while replacing the darker tones with brighter shades. (Perfect for the summer!)

Where Did My Friends Go…

I use this all the time on the Desktop version, and I definitely want to access it on-the-go too.

One of my favorite aspects of using Spotify is discovering and sharing music. Because I linked my account to my Facebook, I can always see what my friends are listening to. This is how I stumble across a lot of great finds. It’s also very great for snooping around and exploring other people’s personal playlists. However, this feature is currently only available on the desktop version of Spotify.

Spotify seems to encourage users to “Discover and Share Music”, so it’s interesting that this feature is inaccessible on something as commonly used as mobile devices. From the friend feed, the user can navigate to their friends’ profiles and the specific location of the track (in its single or album page). Additionally, for the sake of brevity (and catchiness), I changed Friend Activity to Friend Feed.

Accessible from the Browse page.

Digging For Downloads

An entire section devoted to downloaded music. (Not an ad for Spotify Premium)

Currently, the menu items under “Your Library” are Your Daily Mix, Playlists, Stations, Songs, Albums, Artists, Podcasts, and Videos. Although all of these do seem very useful, I suggested adding a “Downloaded Music” option for Premium users. A big feature for Premium users is the ability to download music and listen to them offline. Spotify gives its users the freedom to specifically choose which music they want to download, ranging from single tracks to albums to entire playlists. However, with all of the personalized content that a user already has, it can be had to find/remember which specific music was downloaded. Being a Premium user, I download many different songs. Sometimes they are all conveniently in one playlist, and other times they are not. When I have the entirety of my library to navigate through (a mix of downloaded and un-downloaded tracks), it can be difficult to find the specific track I want to listen to. Of course, for non-Premium users, this option wouldn’t appear in their “Your Library”.

TBT (Today is a Tuesday)

Anyone here remember Windows Media Player? Well, I barely do. But one of the most vivid memories I have of it is spending hours mesmerized by the music visualizations. People could pick a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from. The designs would move to the music, and it was a sight to behold. I propose that Spotify revives this awesome feature. For people using Spotify for social reasons, having this displayed on a computer is a great alternative to a static Spotify window with a song progress bar that inches forward with each passing second. The visualizer would be easily accessed by clicking the creepy eye icon on the player bar (open to any other icon suggestions). Basically, I want to be the coolest kid at the party, so please include this feature @Spotify.

End of Day One

This was a great learning experience for my first day. I’ll come back and make small revisions as I see fit (updated designs, interactive prototypes). Stay tuned for more content!

Source link https://uxdesign.cc/my-journey-to-a-new-spotify-part-1-e007f2d01bb2?source=rss—-138adf9c44c—4


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