Direct access to production base with reduced learning curve for designers. No templates. Cross-platform. Custom animations. No hand-off.

Turn ideas into code. Make the real thing!

Views Tools is a simple way to design React Web and Native interfaces, and it’s out now!

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The problem we see

Designers know what’s wrong with their designs, but don’t have the access or the skills to make changes in code.

Developers have the access, and the skills to make the changes, but often don’t know what has to be changed.

The solution we seek

We want to simplify development to the point when designers can safely contribute production quality code while still using intuitive tools.

“Taking control of your own creation, you can ultimately affect your future” — Dee Wallace

Why Views and Views Tools?

With this first public release we take advantage of Views’ simplified composition model, and we wrap it in a visual, Sketch-like, design .

Everything you need to create React components without writing code is in the Compose window
Types of blocks in Views’ composition model

What can you do with Views Tools?

  • Use simple blocks with self-contained styles. There are no HTML or CSS classes/ids complexities in Views.
  • Make your reusable Views. There is no enforced template.
  • Control interaction design with simple conditions “when this then that”, called Scopes, and let developers control the React state from the logic file.
  • Add animations to a Scope with two clicks, including spring animations. Configure timing, bounciness, delay for each animated property. No need to learn complex JavaScript functions.
  • Designers work on the same project together with engineers, and fully control the interface layer of the final product. Engineers have full control over the JavaScript logic like in a regular React project.

What’s going on behind the scenes?

Views is an open source programming language for interfaces and includes a compiler, called the Morpher, to take care of generating React components. The JavaScript code created by the Morpher is production quality and can be used independently without Views, in the format of regular React components.

We have built and open sourced a demo app in Views and React to give you an idea of how it all ties together.

Start your Views Tools 30-day free trial to speed up your workflow, and deliver higher quality working software.

Get Views Tools ⬇️! Stay curious. Stay hungry. Contribute!

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