Creating a workspace to keep you informed on UX

I have just created a workspace for UX News (called News-UX) right here

This is the link to get into the workspace. Feel free to invite anyone interested in UX.

by now, I am retrieving RSS feeds from this list: The Balsamiq Blog, UXswitch, NNGgroup, UX Studio, UX Blog, Hacking UI, UX Design Weekly, Useful Usability, Boagworld — User Experience Advice, Webdesigner Depot, Usability Geek, User experience — Putting people first, Experientia, UX Design Blog, UX Movement, 1stWebDesigner, UX Collective, O’Reilly Design Podcast — O’Reilly Media Podcast, Toptal Design Blog, Invisionapp Inside Design, Designer News, Designmodo, The Balsamiq Blog, UI/UX — noupe, UX Mastery, UX Booth, Adobe Creative Cloud, Design Shack, HeyDesigner, Akendi UX Blog, Design & UX — SitePoint, UX Magazine, UX Beginner, Adobe XD Blog, UX Planet, Smashing Magazine, Think360 Studio, Justinmind, Insightful UX, Fast Company, Speckyboy Web Design Magazine, keepitusable, Design — O’Reilly Media, Hungry for Insight, Product Management Insider, Alpha, Interaction Design Foundation.

If you have any suggest for any other blog feed for UX please just tell me on comments. I think there is a limit but my plan is to optimize feed depending on activity.

This is almost the same that you can do at Panda, or with an RSS Reader such as Inoreader, Feedly or Zapier. The problem with this is that you must have a paid subscription or a Pro account.

Actually, what I did was to prepare my OPML file (if you have the feed urls just create it here:

This is my OPML file:

Source link—-eb297ea1161a—4


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