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is to the of the 4th Edition of the Ecommerce Report series. Comprised of 13 volumes, this series contains in-depth recommendations for creating the best possible experience for your online shoppers. This collection of reports covers:

  • How people shop online (including international customers)
  • Homepages, category, and product pages
  • Site search
  • Wishlists
  • Store locators
  • Customer service and building trust
  • Transactional email (including purchase, shipping, and delivery notifications)

The entire series contains 832 detailed design guidelines, along with more than 1,500 example screenshots with analysis to explain what works, and what doesn’t. Buy individual reports, or save 58% when you purchase all 13 volumes together.

Key Updates Since the 3rd Edition

The fourth edition includes new and updated guidelines, including revisions and clarifications. For the fourth edition of this report series we conducted one large-scale lab-based usability study. In addition to this large study, researchers also conducted smaller, more targeted research studies to update and evolve each of the 11 topical ecommerce reports included in this report series. New findings and discussions include: mobile usability, live chat best practices, omnichannel strategies, streamlined shopping cart and checkout, expectations for product pages and product information, changes in customer behaviors and expectations, and much more.

Source link https://www.nngroup.com/news/item/nielsen-norman-group-proud-announce-publication-4t/


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