The Applications User Experience (OAUX) team recently released the Conversational UI for the Enterprise Rapid Development Kit (RDK).

This free is a comprehensive resource full of best practices and guidelines needed to design a useful user interface () flow. No matter how technical your background is, you’ll be able to easily create an effective and engaging chatbot dialog with the help of the RDK.

What’s in the Conversational UI RDK?

An -level chatbot must be able to create a meaningful conversational UI in order to enhance and streamline the user’s workflow. This RDK aims to support and simplify interactions with the cloud by allowing micro-transactions to be completed on the go – with a heavy emphasis on an experience centered on simplicity, mobility, and extensibility or configurability.

A chatbot dialog needs to focus on natural language processing to ensure potential users aren’t punished for grammatical errors or abbreviations in their responses, as well as address the user’s intent at all times. The RDK will walk you through several examples, as well as empower you to design your own conversational UIs.

This RDK is reusable, user friendly, and free. It comes with:

  • An ebook with conversational UI language patterns, UX design considerations, and guidelines.
  • A wireframe template, complete with clear design heuristics and “dos and don’ts.”

These images represent different design components from the Oracle cloud user experience. Patterns for such components are part of the RDKs. 

The buzz at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

The Conversational UI RDK was on display this fall during Oracle OpenWorld 2017 at the OAUX Exchange, an annual open house that features upcoming Oracle Cloud applications user experiences, conceptual application usage with emerging technologies, and more. It was attended by customers, partners, and even Oracle executives such as Senior Vice President and CIO Mark Sunday.

This was the perfect venue to show off the RDK’s capabilities. Including components such as script patterns, example conversations, and a reusable wireframing template, the new RDK is a feature-filled tool that will enable anyone designing enterprise chatbot conversational UIs to create compelling, user-friendly dialogs. 

OAUX team members Lancy Silveira, center, and Karen Scipi, right, talk about the RDK with a visitor at the OAUX Exchange at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in San Francisco.

Thomas Kurian, Oracle President, Product , featured one of the chatbots the OAUX team developed during his Oracle OpenWorld 2017 keynote, “Oracle’s Integrated Cloud Platform, Intelligent Cloud Applications, and Emerging Technologies for Business.” Starting at 23:30 in the recording, watch to see how a chatbot on a popular social messaging platform can enhance and simplify basic, everyday tasks. There is also a demonstration of how the bot was built.

Prior to Oracle OpenWorld 2017, the OAUX team hosted the Oracle Applications Cloud UX Strategy Day. This event gave Oracle Ace Directors a preview of the OAUX team’s investment in chatbots and conversational UIs in the enterprise. Lucas Jellema (@lucasjellema), CTO of AMIS Services and Oracle Developer Champion, covered this invitation-only event on the AMIS Technology Blog. Read about his main takeaways of the day, including the best way to address users, what type of interactions within a dialog flow should be included, and the new features of the RDK as well as what’s to come.

Download a copy of the Oracle Conversational UI RDK.

The Oracle Conversational UI RDK is free, and the latest addition to the family of Cloud UX RDKs, which includes the Oracle Cloud UX RDK and the Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Mobile UX RDK. Each of the three RDKs are tools and resources to utilize in creating a simplified UX for your company’s cloud solutions, and designed to help you build better.

Here’s how to access your free copy of each RDK:

Learn more

To learn more about the free OAUX RDKs, visit the Cloud UX RDK page.

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