The Oracle User Applications Experience team recently traveled to beautiful , where we  had a busy week running multiple user experience () events with Oracle customers and partners.

For five days in mid-November, we ran a , multiple customer feedback sessions, and internal sales consulting meetings and training.

We started the week off with the two-day Singapore Integrated Cloud Hackathon at the iconic Suntec Convention Centre. 

Mentor Kristy Lee brainstorming with team Tech Mahindra on Day 1 of the Hackathon
Mentor Kristy Lee, center, brainstorms with team Tech Mahindra on day one of the hackathon.

The intense hacking event involved PaaS and SaaS experts who are Oracle partners and internal product experts. developers and Oracle ASEAN product experts mentored our amazing partners. At least one Oracle mentor was embedded in each partner team competing to showcase the best app during the event.

The partners who fielded teams were Deloitte Consulting, KPMG Services, Inoapps, Path Infotech, S&I Systems, Integration Xperts, and Tech Mahindra Singapore.

Teams had to meet the challenge of integrating at least three Oracle cloud services to deliver a compelling solution. The available Oracle cloud services included Mobile Cloud, IBCS, Developer Cloud, Database CS, Java CS, Visual Builder CS, API CS, Analytics CS, IOT CS, IOT Asset Monitoring, IOT Connected Worker, blockchain CS, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, and Engagement Cloud.

A Hackathon isn’t a 9-5 affair.  Team members catch some rest when they can.
A hackathon isn’t a 9-to-5 affair. This participant caught some rest when he could.

At the end of the hackathon, all teams demoed their use cases and working solutions. The Inoapps from Singapore took first prize with a wellness dashboard app using five Oracle cloud services. Integration Xperts from Pakistan came in second place with an emergency response app using four cloud services.

Team Inoapps working on their solution
Team Inoapps working on their solution: a wellness app.

Participants expressed not only how much they enjoyed the hackathon but also, more importantly, how much they learned from the event. They told us they appreciated the opportunity to work side-by-side with Oracle experts to put together an app using multiple cloud services in a short timeframe. We heard from partners who said they learned more in those two days than in the previous six to 12 months and are more comfortable with building solutions leveraging Oracle cloud services.

To get a taste of how the hackathon days went, check out this video from Integrated Cloud Singapore. 

Hackers, mentors and organizers after a long, fruitful 2 days at the hackathon
Hackers, mentors, and organizers after a long, fruitful two days at the hackathon.

To round out our week in Singapore, the OAUX team spent a busy day after the hackathon at the Oracle Singapore office, running usability testing with local SaaS-only partners and their customers. We also held a FINTECH design jam to gather new use cases for blockchain and an HCM Cloud focus group to gain feedback on new design directions.

OAUX Group Vice President Jeremy Ashley was there to share his team’s strategy and emerging trends. Our visit ended with an internal training for sales consultants on the visual evolution and branding tools of Release 13 of the Oracle Applications Cloud.

Participants brought several active deals to the training and walked out with branded experiences that could be used in upcoming demos.

Our Singapore event also included a FINTECH design jam, an Oracle HCM Cloud focus group, meetings, and training.
Our Singapore event also included a FINTECH design jam, an Oracle HCM Cloud focus group, meetings, and training.

These events serve a strategic purpose to engage sales teams and partners, allow first-hand experience, and offer the opportunity to influence future direction. But they don’t happen without some significant effort, so thanks to those who made it happen.

Thank you to the Singapore team that sponsored and supported the week’s events: Sin Sun Chew, vice president of Alliances & Channels ASEAN; Kelly Yu, Application Channel director APAC; and KC Lim, Alliances director — who all worked to nominate and recruit strategic partners; and Michael Guantiero, senior director of Solutions Consulting-Applications, and Derek Lam, senior director of the Solutions Consulting-Digital Specialists Group — who provided the local mentor resources. Mentors are the lifeblood of every hackathon and we couldn’t have delivered the experience without them.

Lastly, special thanks go out to John Pisani, of the Oracle Sales and Partner Academy (OSPA) team. John organized our first APAC hackathon last year in Australia, so we knew we’d be in good hands for the Singapore event.

Thanks to all partners and Oracle staff, who made running an event in beautiful Singapore a success.

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