Oracle is a -focused event that travels the world, introducing customers and partners to the next generation of innovations for Oracle Cloud Applications. In December, the Oracle Applications User Experience () team joined the event in Utrecht, The , bringing presentations and the cloud user experience (UX) lab.

Conference attendees were introduced to the recently released Conversational UI for the Enterprise Rapid Development Kit (RDK) during a collective learning session. Karen Scipi (@KarenScipi) discussed how to design sleek, modern enterprise conversational user interfaces (UIs) for in a collective learning session, Design a Meaningful, Effective Chatbot Conversation. In small groups, participants used free design patterns and wireframe templates from the OAUX team to design simplified chatbot conversations, and later share both their designs and experiences with everyone. They learned how to align user behavior, business needs and use cases, and how to use the proven language design patterns in the RDK to design modern, meaningful enterprise conversational UIs for their .

This session enabled the OAUX team to demonstrate and educate conference attendees on Oracle UX best practices and guidelines, key for improving productivity at work.

Oracle Cloud was highlighted during Oracle Cloud Day as well. Customers and partners, ranging from developers to managers, joined a roundtable discussion on the new Home Experience. It is crucial for Oracle to understand user expectations and needs around design, and the feedback received was invaluable, especially within self-service actions for employees and managers.

The OAUX team also introduced Oracle Cloud Day attendees to our soon-to-be-unveiled webpage redesign, offering participants a preview of the features and resources planned. Just like with Oracle Cloud Applications, it is crucial for our user experiences to be seamless, easy to understand, and user-friendly.

Conference organizer and marketing manager for technology in Benelux, Arianne Hageman (@ArianneHageman), said the presence of the OAUX team at the Oracle Cloud Day added value for customers: “The in-depth technical knowledge of the team is highly appreciated by our customers, and the customers like to exchange ideas and hear about the latest innovations,” she said.

Keep scrolling to see what attendees had to say about Oracle Cloud Day, and check out the event vlog (jump to 1:40 to see Karen talk about the conversational UI session, and keep watching to see Gozel Aamoth (@GozelAamoth) and Lulit Bezuayehu (@LulitBezu) talk about the OAUX team’s presence at Oracle Cloud Day Netherlands. 

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