Courtesy: Dr. Seuss

An ode about a la Dr. Seuss


Today you’re in luck.

You’re launching great products

That’ll earn you a buck…

… or two or three

Or four or more!

There’s simply no counting

The ROI that you’ll score!

You have ideas in your head

And hypotheses to

So you gather customer feedback

To ensure they’re the best.

In just a few hours, you’ll review the replies.

The customer experience will be revealed — right before your eyes!

With your team full of insights, and your stakeholders agreed

You’ll make data-driven decisions and then you’ll proceed.



Prototypes, ad creatives, the next killer app!

You’ll know which ones resonate, and which ones to scrap.

And everyone in your organization, including PMs and Design

Can use human insights to all get aligned.

You won’t lag behind, because you’ll meet customer need.

You’ll pass your competitors and you’ll soon take the lead.

Whatever you launch, you’ll be top of the charts.

You’ll capture your customers’ heads, and their hearts.

Except when you don’t.

Because, sometimes, you won’t.

I’m sorry to share

It’s sad, but, it’s true

That Messes

And Stresses

Can happen to you.

But don’t get glum, chum.

You can turn this around.

Ask your customers, “What’s wrong with this?”

And ideas will abound.

With each circuitous workflow and exasperated sigh

You’ll witness the challenges and understand why.

They will tell you what you need to adjust

To transform an experience that had once been a bust.



Be your title Researcher or Product Manager

Or Marketer or Design

Lean on human insights

And your life will be fine!

Written with the deepest of respect to the prose of Dr. Seuss. Originally published on the UserTesting blog.

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