🐦 Build in public

I’m very inspired by the indie makers community. Makers like Pieter Levels, aj, and Marc Köhlbrugge always share their works and progress on Twitter. I’ve never properly done it for my previous projects — because, you know, designers and their obsession with the perfections of final products 🙄 — but I’ve decided to give it a . I created a thread introducing my project and have been adding new relevant updates to it since. 👇

Advantage: It gives you some sense of accountability — you don’t want to build the hype but ended with nothing. You can get early feedbacks from your followers too! It makes the whole process more exciting as you’d want to keep posting new updates. Sorry for the spam 😅!

🚀 The Launch

On 28th June, I thought to myself, maybe it’s time to release it. I don’t want to keep adding new features anymore. I wanted to see whether people will like it or not. In addition, I started to feel the pre-launch depression — thinking that my product is never gonna be good enough, that I shouldn’t launch it, that people will hate it 😥… But I pushed through 👊!

😸 Product Hunt (🔗)

Last year, I made a mistake of Coaster almost at the end of Product Hunt’s daily cycle and was stuck inside the Newest tab. After some research (read: googling), I found out that new products hit the homepage at 12:01am PST. From there, I know that I have to submit my product at 3pm Malaysia time. 🇲🇾

Use https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ to convert the time. Timezones are hard 😵

At 3pm+, I refreshed the Product Hunt homepage and saw the list has been reset, so I hit the ➕ button! I’ve prepared a GIF thumbnail and several screenshots earlier for the launch, so this is just a matter of filling things up. Then, I posted an official to officially announce the launch. I also shared the link inside my local designers Slack group. They were the first group of people to upvote it. Shout out to ForwardSlash team 🙌

Received 750+ upvotes with 35+ comments 🌟
– Became #1 Product of the Day 🥇
– Became #1 Trending Product in Design Tools and Developer Tools topic 📈

🎨 Designer News (🔗)

Launching on Designer News (DN) was pretty effortless — I only need a title and a link. I had a good experience from my Coaster launch, so I was expecting the same this time.

– Reached #1 spot on front page 🥇
– Stayed in the Top 10 for few days
– Received 48 upvotes with 12 comments

💻 Hacker News (🔗)

This was the first product I’ve ever launched on Hacker News (HN). Due to the nature of the product, I thought the audience might benefit from it. 
Tips: Make sure to append “Show HN” in front of the title to be included in the Show page

– Reached #1 spot in Show page 🥇
Reached front page of HN. Peak at #4!
– Received 146 points with 34 comments

Source link https://blog.prototypr.io/on-launching-and---a--shot-81c0eaaf1b98?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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