Learning how to get continuous feedback on your product and taking the design process to the next level requires conscious product decisions. is one of the most essential part of this process. Our UX Research course will enable you to take the first steps to start in-house UX research and get to know how to take advantage of the insights to create a better product.

The goal of the Online UX Research is to provide a mindset and practice the know-how of the most essential UX research methods.

Learn the basics of UX Research

  • exploring a repertoire of UX Research Methods and their usage in different phases of product design and development – throughout Discovery, Validation, Prototyping, and Measurement.
  • practicing with hands-on exercises, learning how to conduct interviews and usability tests
  • recognizing the patterns, synthesizing and prioritizing the findings
  • measuring the impact of UX design changes

Why is this training special?

We chose the online training format as many of you expressed their interest in learning UX research from all over the world. However, we still find it important to keep the values of in-person trainings :

  • Presentations and workshops by mentors will be facilitated live.  You won’t just listen to automized videos. (Online workshops, yeah! new methods to check out for remote teams, just sayin’)
  • You can expect to get assignments and need to prepare for each session.
  • Practice UX research methods such as interviewing and usability testing.

You will have the opportunity to have discussions with mentors and training participants – Learn about all the tricks and tips of UX Research in a team of maximum 12 people.

The course plan

The training will consist of three 5-hour sessions in 2 weeks. We distributed the days so that you can learn the most, prepare as much you can and we can give you quality feedback.

Day 1

The first day is about introducing the role of UX Research in Product Design. Besides giving a walkthrough of the basics of UX Research, you will learn how to plan and conduct an interview on your own. By the end of this intensive session, you will not only get to know other training participants with the help of interactive exercises but also leave the virtual classroom with assignments and the opportunity to get feedback from your instructors.

Day 2

The second day will start with an overview of methods and their use. We continue to deep dive into usability testing. We will maximize the day by preparing for the upcoming usability testing of Day 3.

Day 3

Let’s start the day with what you have been rehearsing for: usability testing. We will take care of recruiting participants and you will try your UX Researcher skill. After the challenge, you will learn how to evaluate your results and what are the next steps. You will learn about synthesizing methods, research systems and measuring UX.

Sounds like an intensive 3-day plan, doesn’t it?

Get the most out of mentoring

The course will be facilitated by the seasoned UX Research professionals of UX studio. They will be your mentors for the upcoming training days and eager to share their knowledge. Several products were born under their supervision and they have collected their learnings from their journey.

Who should participate?

We recommend this training for teams and agencies who work on digital products and aim to introduce UX Research in their process.

  • UX Designers
  • Future UX Researchers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Product managers and product owners
  • Product teams

The training provides a helpful research skill set not only for researchers and designers but also for those involved in the entire product design process (e.g. Product Owners and Project Managers). PM-s and PO-s will have a better understanding of the UX research methods and tools.

All the details in one place

date: 8 March 2019.

Course structure: 3 sessions, Fri-Wed-Fri

  • Day 1: 8 March 2019. 2 PM-7 PM CET
  • Day 2: 12 March 2019 2 PM-7 PM CET
  • Day 3: 14 March 2019 2 PM-7 PM CET

Format: Online Training – with live presentations, interactive workshops all facilitated and mentored by UX Research professionals

Number of participants: maximum 12 people

Course material: all the course materials (presentations, downloadables, handouts) provided during and after course

Course requirements: actively participate in all sessions, complete all exercises and assignments

Cost: $850 / participant

(online payment by card, Paypal or bank transfer with 10 days payment deadline)

Application deadline:  25 February 2019

Source link https://uxstudioteam.com/ux-blog/online-ux-research-training/


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