Current Solutions:

Google Chrome actually already has a solution for at launch.

Google Chrome Preferences > On startup > Open a specific page or a set of pages

However, this is at launch at all times.

This will not work for my case, where I open a different group of websites at different times. i.e. I do not want to open my work websites every time I launch Google Chrome at home.

What I want to launch at Work is different from what I want to launch at Home.

I checked Safari, Firefox, and Opera, and they all appear to do the same as the current Google Chrome. I also checked Chrome Extensions, but most of them like One Tab are unreliable. For instance, a user “lost all stored sites from more than a year.” And since Google Chrome has recently updated its homepage, it seems like the best option for the feature would be to add onto the current homepage design.

Current Google Chrome Homepage: easy access to most frequented websites (no group).

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