I am (was) all over the place regarding saving and interesting finding online.

Pinterest Boards, Dribbble Buckets, Behance Collections, Pocket, Instagram Collections, you name it. And that’s no fun, because things can easily get lost!

So yesterday, I took some time to solve this problem of mine. I’m basically using an app called Pixave for Mac, and taking advantage of Chrome bookmarks.

Let’s start with the bookmarks.

I’ve created a couple of folders: Inspiration, and Projects. Inside the Inspiration folder, there are some more folders:

  • Boards (Inspiration boards like Land-Book, or SiteInspire)
  • Tools (Things like Coolors for example)
  • Assets (Stock photography websites like Unsplash)
  • Sites (General websites that I saved throughout the time)
  • Portfolios (Same thing as the Sites folder, but specifically for Portfolios)
  • Typography (Typography related stuff like Practical Typography)
  • Designers (Profiles of designers that I find on Dribbble, Behance, Instagram, etc)
  • Blogs (Cool blogs I like to read)

As you can see I then use this naming pattern: “Category | Name”. This way everything stays nice and organized!

The Projects folder.

What I like to do is to create a folder for each project I’m working on.

And then save all kinds of links that I might find useful for that specific project.

Now let’s talk about Pixave

Pixave is an awesome Mac app that let’s you save images and then organize them in collections and folders, and you can also create and assign multiple tags to each image.

I’m separating this into Apps, Emails, Typography and Web, and then each one of those collections have the images that I’ve uploaded. I just started using this so I still need to create some more folders/collections, but I think you can understand how it works!

The majority of these pics are saved from Dribbble but I also have some websites’ full screenshots that I capture using this Chrome Extension.

You can download Pixave here. It’s a paid app though, it costs $14.99. Pinterest might be a great alternative, as it now allows you to create categories inside boards, which is cool!

The downside is the lack of a tagging system and the fact that you’ll need an internet connection to view your images (that’s not a problem with Pixave because everything is saved on your computer, however, it might start to use a lot of storage once you have a lot of images saved).

Source link https://blog..io/-inspiration-and--7e20bf576bff?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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