We finally took some time to put together the most useful libraries that we’ve open-sourced on GitHub and published them on one landing page.

is upon Electron and with React.js — both developed by the amazing open-source community. Also we’re using a lot of open-source libraries and dependencies such as Paper.js which we’re continuously supporting.

If you want, you can go through a list of our open-source we’ve built in the past two years. All of the listed were built, tried and tested by Avocode. Perhaps you’ll find some of them useful.

Nachos UI kit for React Native

We’ve built this so we wouldn’t have to style our components each time from scratch. Based on our internal component UI kit we’ve redesigned it for general use and published over 30 pre-styled & pre-coded elements for React Native apps. It’s called Nachos UI.

Get 30 free pre-coded React Native components

React Droparea

Enable the drag&drop feature with this HTML5 component.

Go to the GitHub repo

React Shortcuts

Manage shortcuts for each one of your React components from one place.

Go to the GitHub repo

React Tabguard

Limit tabbing within specified areas like modal dialogs and lightboxes with forms.

Go to the GitHub repo

React Universal Router

React router for your web, server, Electron or nw.js app.

Go to the GitHub repo


Add HTML5 event listeners on specified elements.

Go to the GitHub repo

Pretty Selectors

Take your plain text and transform it into nice CSS selectors.

Go to the GitHub repo

React Listview

Create list components with keyboard support.

Go to the GitHub repo

Less Hat

Get our kick-ass universal LESS CSS mixins library.

Learn more

Source link https://blog.avocode.com/our---open-source-libraries-that--built-for-avocode-fc0a835c0055?source=rss—-3d381deaf83—4


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