Designing the best for your product is definitely not an easy task. It requires several iterations before getting it right. Creating and updating flow has largely been considered a painful process for designers, with many of them skipping it entirely because of this. Presenting flows to stakeholders and actually getting them to understand and follow the ’s journey might actually be the most challenging part.

Overflow helps you do exactly that. It empowers you to effectively communicate your work, while fully engaging your audience with an interactive user flow presentation.


Create User Flows in Minutes

Creating user flow diagrams with Overflow is a quick and enjoyable experience. You can connect and sync with your favorite design tool, maintaining all your layers and artboards. Easily drag magnets to create your connectors, add text, shapes and images to enrich your presentation. Customize the look using styles and themes to create a fully custom branded presentation that fits your and audience.


Present Your Designs

Presenting your designs with Overflow, will always make you look good. You can present your designs with an interactive flow presentation, navigating through your entire flow using arrow keys or clicking on the connectors. Show the big picture with a bird’s eye view of your flow, or zoom in to focus on specific details. If you want to present your flow screen by screen you can easily switch to the out of the box rapid prototype mode.


Share to Get Valuable Feedback

Share your user flow diagrams on Overflow Cloud and let your audience experience a magical journey on their web browser or mobile device. Export in PDF, PNG, or print your user flows and stick on walls.

So far more than 35,000 designers have tried Overflow, and they loved it. Overflow is currently in public beta and available to download, for free.

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