Seriously? You’re designing without wireframing before? Although, have you heard, the ideal design process tells to even draw ideas on , before you create wireframes with a tool?

Yes, you can. You can bring the ideas from your mind easily to reality, while visualizing them firstly on paper. You can show these rough drawings to other people for checking your ideas. After this first Test, you select the good ideas for advancing and the prospective ideas for optimizing.

The good news: From the psychological side, the way of drawing your ideas “only” with & paper makes you more easily throw bad ideas into the bin. Moreover you have spent less effort on these drawings.

Drawing is fast, but the look of quick drawings is often terribly unaesthetic – ok, actually the look of my quick drawings is always terribly unaesthetic. I know… you can practice your drawing skills for getting better while drawing still as quick as usual. But maybe there is another solution?

So, may I introduce you – draw the curtain and gasp (no, this was yawning, I got that one!) – to the “Reusable Paper Prototyping Template”.

Nice to meet you.

For the realisation, I took thick paper, that is adapted for acrylic colors. Firstly I started to draw all the icons, which came into my mind. Then I continued with placeholders, fields, buttons and tabs for a tab-navigation. Here you truly recognise the app-designer instead of the web-designer in me. Which type is your’s?

Further I drew a printed smartphone frame for the sketchy look – there you go, you spoiled “mobile first”-brat. Or is it nowadays more up-to-date to call you „content first“, Mylady?

Anyway, I cut the elements, stored them carefully into boxes … and there it was: A problem, that wanted to be solved.

Indeed, I had all my elements stored in the tiny boxes, but could not find one specific element without much search-effort.

So, I had to generate an overview. But how?

I did not want to glue all the elements one by one on my walI. I wanted an overview, which I could easily transport to the office or to external workshops. My solution (drawing the curtain again, after closing it hastily for this special moment) was a drawing book with grey papers. Due to the grey color, I hoped, my elements will shine out — simultaneous contrast, you know?!

Ok nice, this problem was solved.

But how can I glue the elements into the book, pull it out for Paper Prototyping and attach it in the book again for reuse? And all this, of course, without destroying the elements. Magnets? Toothpaste? Spook?

No! Reusable glue it should be. Once glued at the elements, you can reuse them and keep their adhesive function.

Of course, you cannot fulfill real content-wireframes with this template (damn it „content first“-brat). This is only completely possible via drawing at once or with digital prototyping-tools.

However, I can still write some reusable texts such as “save”, “cancel”, “list”, “cart” and glue them in my book.

By random I tried the template. Here is the first result:

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