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April 2017 – Frank Gaine

UXswitch is delighted to welcome two new sponsors for our UX career platform. Zalando will sponsor our unique job board whereas Designation.io will sponsor our Career Advice Centre. Together we are planning a range of exciting activities over the coming months; from creating a competition for designers to writing exclusive articles on UX career progression.

Zalando sponsors the humanised job board from UXswitch

Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion destination – an innovative technology company transforming into an outstanding multi-service fashion platform. UXswitch.com presents the world’s most unique UX Job Board. Zalando knows that good user experience means happier customers, ultimately safeguarding the company’s commercial success. To achieve good UX, you need great designers. Therefore, Zalando has partnered with UXswitch to sponsor their job board. Their sponsorship means that jobs can continue to be posted for free on UXswitch.

Frank Gaine, co-founder of UXswitch commented:

“Zalando’s Jay Kaufmann has been the outstanding contributor to our UX Career Advice Centre over the last couple of years. He has shown that Zalando’s design practice is second to none and that it is also a great place to work for designers. We are absolutely delighted to have them on board as a sponsor of our Job Board.”

The Humanised Job Board can be found at www.UXswitch.com/jobs. It presents jobs for visual, interaction, motion, physical design, UX strategists, usability specialists & user researchers.

Designation.io sponsors the UX Career Advice Centre by UXswitch

Designation.io is the leading UX/UI design bootcamp. UXswitch.com is the #1 destination on Google for UX career advice. Both organisations want to assist budding designers to hone their practice and get exposure to the best job opportunities in the industry. Therefore, Designation.io has partnered with UXswitch to sponsor their Career Advice Centre.

Aaron Fazulak, Education, Co-Founder at Designation Labs said

“We have identified 3 types of successful students that we are able to help through our elite, 18 week UX design bootcamp: Career Advancers, Career Switchers and Career Starters. UXswitch is completely aligned with DESIGNATION in helping driven people either advance their design career, switch into a UX career, or start a rewarding career in the field of digital design. Our mission is to ‘to provide people with the tools and skills they need to change the world through design.’

Frank Gaine, co-founder of UXswitch commented

“After working closely with a Designation.io graduate, I felt that UXswitch would be proud to promote such a thorough and admired UX/UI education program. Designation.io’s commitment to design good practice is very much aligned with our core values.”

The UX Career Advice Centre can be found at www.uxswitch.com/thinking. It is aimed at visual/interaction/motion/physical designers, UX strategists, usability specialists & user researchers.

Find Designation.io on twitter @designationio

Source link https://www.uxswitch.com/zalando-and-designation-io-become-new-sponsors-of-uxswitch/


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