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February 2017 – Matt Beamish

Matt Beamish writes exclusively for UXswitch on how to make your way onto one of the most forward thinking UX teams in the World.

You are not your job title.

What makes you a UX Designer? I know your title says you are, but seriously, are you? After speaking to hundreds of designers I’ve heard almost every possible answer to this question.

Why do I ask this question? A lot of times it’s because your portfolio leads me to believe there’s not much UX going on, but I also ask it because there’s no obvious standard for the title User Experience Designer.

It’s the first and most important question that I ask when speaking to designers and it could be a dotted line to a short conversation. An effective umbrella question, that oddly enough has no right answer, but plenty of wrong answers.

So, are you a UX Designer?

Nothing ground breaking here, I start with what I can find. Your portfolio. This is where I pass early judgment and decide if you’re doing UX. You’ve loaded your portfolio with final images and everything looks great, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

I’m too often let down; you didn’t give me the digital journey that I long for. I’m confused about the application and the problem you’re trying to solve.

Did you do any discovery and framing? No sketching? If you haven’t articulated this to me, can you do it with business partners? Portfolios that showcase a solid design process excite me… and my team. It’s your golden ticket, showcase it.

Don’t just be a designer, be a researcher too.

I’m looking to pick your brain on your research techniques. I want to learn something, help me understand your users and their pain points. It’s a selfish angle for me, having a curiosity to learn what you know, but it works. Every good researcher has a bag of tricks up the proverbial sleeve and an eagerness to share.

Are you a collaborator? If not, become one.

After a good UX chat and you’ve told me more than you do most strangers, I want you to meet the team. It happens, but please don’t blow it now, I like you.  I’m hoping you’re prepared for a design challenge, a sketch session, maybe a design critique? Have you ever lead a Design Studio?

If you’re asked to lead any of these exercises in an interview, give a shout out to the UX Gods because you’re about to be doing some UX.

I like to think that being a strong collaborator is just as important if not more important than your design skills and it’s imperative that you effectively collaborate with the interview team. This is sometimes difficult, you’re in a situation that requires you to perform at a high level in a room full of strangers. This is where the true collaborators shine.

They say, successfully lead one of these exercises with people you don’t know and you’ll be chatting offer details over coffee on your way out.

At The Home Depot, we built what I like to consider one of the most forward thinking UX teams. We hired 75 collaborators that happen to be kick ass researchers and designers. We sought out designers that engage, designers that understand the value of giving users a seat at the design table, designers that will set the standard for the future of UX. Join us!


Matt beamish recruiter ux best 2016

In late 2016, UXswitch announced that Matt Beamish had been awarded the title of Best UX Recruiter 2016. Matt is a Senior Recruiter, UX Design + User Research at The Home Depot in Atlanta.


Source link https://www.uxswitch.com/prove-that-you-are-a-ux-designer/


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