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best ux recruiter 2016 matt beamish home depot

December 2016 – UXswitch

UXswitch is delighted to announce that Matt Beamish has been awarded the title of Best UX Recruiter 2016. Matt is a Senior Recruiter, UX Design + User Research at The Home Depot in Atlanta.

At UXswitch we’re all about raising the standard of recruitment practice in the UX arena. Therefore, for the second year running we asked designers and employers to nominate who they thought was the best UX Recruiter this year. Invitations were issued to our database of designers, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other discussion boards.


Matt beamish recruiter ux best 2016


Matt aced all three criteria for the award;

  • Understanding of UX and involvement in the UX community
  • Treating UXers with integrity and going the extra mile
  • Quality and quantity of UX roles held


Praise was heaped on Matt from both UXers and colleagues alike at The Home Depot. Matt managed to source a huge team of designers in a short time period while maintaining the quality of hire and keeping job applicants informed and happy throughout the process. His commitment to UX was also clearly evident, from hosting a screening of InVision’s Design Disruptors to topping up his design knowledge through courses at UC San Diego.


“He is taking UX classes, and has paired with me and other designers to truly understand our day to day. Matt goes above and beyond to bring in some of the best coworkers I’ve ever had!”

Chip Freeney, Senior UXer, The Home Depot


“I hired Matt 2 years ago to build out THD’s Enterprise UX team. Matt has taken the team of 3 Designers to 74 Designers. The knowledge of the business that Matt supports is well beyond what you see from Recruiters.”

Jim Cappola – Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at The Home Depot


“In this day and age where [designers] are constantly bombarded by recruiters on LinkedIn – Matt is a step above in that he actually understands our industry.”

Trey Smith, UXer, The Home Depot


“Matt Beamish saw potential in me before anyone else did. I am so grateful”

Stephanie Fernald, UXer, The Home Depot


Matt, pictured on the left above with UX Director Cliff Sexton, had this to say about this achievement;

“I can’t express how much it means to me to receive recognition at this level. For me, it’s not so much about the award, but more so knowing that UXers see, feel, and appreciate how much of myself I pour into the community. I have taken on an obsessive curiosity to learn user centered design and not necessarily in an effort to be a designer, but in an effort to fill a void in candidate experience.”

All of the team at UXswitch want to congratulate Matt Beamish, we need more people like you in the industry. Special mention must be made of the other nominees for their high levels of professionalism and integrity. There received similar accolades from UXers and employers alike.

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