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May 2016 – Aaron Walker

Hungry for a challenge in your design career? We spoke to Aaron Walker, Senior Recruiter (Product, UX & Analytics) about how to become a designer at JUST EAT and the many benefits therein.

What a Mission!

Designers relish making a difference in the world, so do we. Ultimately, JUST EAT is all about allowing our consumers to love their takeaway experience. It’s equally about enabling our restaurant partners, who are small business owners, to compete with the big brands such as Dominos. Pretty powerful wouldn’t you say?

We love Users

Serving these audiences means committing properly to user research. In fact, JUST EAT encourages everyone to do user research off their own back. We have a whole department called “Product Research” which looks at how we can build competitive advantage in the 12-24 months ahead. Important when JUST EAT work in a highly competitive space.

We love You

UXswitch has written before about things that make designers happy. JUST EAT invests heavily in our own tech so people can have pretty much whatever hardware and software they need to do their job. Macs, Sketch, Sharpies and Stickies abound. Needless to say, food is free (most days) and there’s swingball, air hockey and much more available so you can work off those calories.

We use a range of tools from Sketch to Axure but if you can demonstrate another software or methodology’s value then we’re open to trying it. Best practice is what it’s about.

Working for us

In return for this great work environment, we’re not ashamed to say that we ask A LOT of our UX Designers and want people who have experience and strength in all areas of UX. This means you’ll need to demonstrate experience across user research (not just some friends!), prototyping, UX design, UI design, etc. The proverbial unicorn so to speak.

Our culture is based around our core values; Passionate, Frank, Team and Innovative. You’ll need share these values and weave them in to your output.

Given our structure, you’ll should be happy working autonomously and be fairly self sufficient. Our UXers sit in permanent cross functional teams so your day to day team won’t be other UXers. The cross functional team consists of the UXer, Product Manager, Technology Manager and around 5 full stack engineers. This set up means you have all the resource you need in your team and can focus on one project rather than being spread around multiple ones.

However, there are UX COGs (Cognitive Ownership Groups) for all of our areas and platforms so you’ll be able to share best practice and learning with your UX counter parts. With this in mind, you’ll need to be entrepreneurial and happy to go out and speak to people rather than wait for things to come to you. JUST EAT also appreciates people who are not afraid to fail. We like to work fast and iterate on ideas

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If working with us sounds good to you, find out more about UX design at JUST EAT by reading the following useful links:



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