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Part 3 - ux job seeking is like dating

March 2019 – Joanne Weaver

In the final of her article, Award-winning UX recruiter Joanne Weaver tells UXswitch.com how searching for your next UX role is rather like searching for the love of your life.

Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2 before you leave.

Use a matchmaker, and give them love.

I’m using “matchmaker” to mean a qualified recruiter in your discipline of focus, but it could also mean former colleagues, or a super well-connected friend in your industry who loves to hook people up. (There’s always at least one of those in your network!)

OK – I’m obviously biased here. But it seems like such a clear win/win for a jobseeker to pair up with a great recruiter! The service to you is free, as it’s generally the company, not you, who shells out the fee if you get hired. Moreover, you’ll usually have a lot more transparency into the process and the company’s feelings about you via the recruiter, versus if you went in on your own. A company may not tell you that your portfolio was sloppy or that they were hoping for a different answer to a certain question they posed … but they’ll probably tell us, we can break it to you gently, and then you take that as a learning of how you and your interview landed on them, whether or not you agree with the feedback itself.

We’re also hand-delivering your information directly to a hiring manager, saving it from getting lost in the [email protected] abyss, and in the spirit of “social proof”, everyone prefers a warmed-up introduction brokered between a known person and the new person, versus the “cold call” route. They don’t call it “cold” for nothing. It’s chilly in that abyss, and so much more snuggly near the fire of known relationships!

Work your relationship with your recruiter; give them love. And they’ll work harder for you. You always send your interviewers thank you notes the same day of your interview (right….?), so why not send a thank you email to your recruiter after your initial screen or meeting? Sure, we make money repping you, so perhaps you don’t feel it’s necessary – and I guess i’ts not – but a little thoughtfulness goes a long way, and it will set you apart as (sadly) so few people do it. If you’ve got someone in your corner who’s got multiple connections to multiple companies where you may want to work, that’s a relationship worth investing in. Get back to our emails to you that same day, so we can feel your engagement and “in it to win it”-ness, and we’ll extend ourselves more for you.

If you send us referrals to awesome candidates on the market you might be friends with and can vouch for, as well make introductions for us to clients that are hiring, you’ll endear yourself to us forever, and you can bet you’ll be on the top of our list when a new role hits our desk.

Sometimes it’s just about the chemistry.

I fully believe we have all the answers we need squarely inside of ourselves, and as the perfectly imperfect human beings we are, we obfuscate that tiny little voice of wisdom inside of us with too much thinking, chatter and distraction. But trust your gut. It’s picking up on stuff you’re not consciously aware of, which is super powerful stuff. When in doubt, go with your heart, not your head.

Some final words….

I hope these series of articles has lightened your load around the job search process. At the end of the day, I believe there’s not just one, but a whole slew of perfect matches for every single person out there – both on the job, and in love.

And if that company you love “just isn’t that into you”, take heart. As dating coach Evan Mark Katz so wisely said (I’m paraphrasing),

“The object of your affection can check off every box in your mind and make you think they’re the perfect one for you … but if they don’t check off the MAIN one – ie, that they like you back, and are showing you the level of interest and respect you deserve – then NONE of the other checked-off boxes matter, and you’re better off moving on!”

I welcome questions, comments, and hey, resumes/books too, if you’re a fantastic user-centered designer looking for gigs or roles in NYC! https://www.joanneweavergroup.com/contact-us

Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2 before you leave.

By Joanne Weaver – voted “World’s Best UX Recruiter 2018” via UX Switch. President of The Joanne Weaver Group, a NYC-based boutique talent agency focused on UX, Visual UI, and Product Designer searches. Former national UX Sourcer at Avenue A | Razorfish. Singer & performer & Old Hollywood glamour enthusiast.


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