Starting a without asking some of the basic will lead to failure. Here are the we ask our clients at the start of a so that we begin with a step in the right direction.

We have a collaborative process that is all about understanding the client, their needs and problems. This approach focuses us to ask questions instead of making assumptions.

At the start of a project, we conduct a design kick-off workshop with all members of the project. This workshop helps to align everyone’s understanding of the project and any expectations.

Asking questions helps us get a full understanding of the project goals, the product, the users, and any client inspiration. A lot of the questions are quite basic but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth asking. But starting a project without asking some of the basic questions will lead to the project failing.

I wanted to share my list of the questions I ask.

It is worth noting that the following:

  1. We may know the answer to some of these questions.
  2. Not all questions will apply to all projects.
  3. And the client will not know the answer to all questions.

So use common sense.

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