On the bright side

Photo | Kessa

It was a time when

Designers were urged to not just look, but go beyond boundaries

Designers were encouraged to experiment and fail, not play safe

Designers delivered solutions, not merely elaborate artifacts

Designers were motivated to think “Why?” not just “What?”

Designers doodled on paper, not only whiteboards

Designers were decisive, not on the fence

was measured in terms of how it works, not solely how it looks

Design was about breaking out, not falling in line

Design was in the details, not in processes

Design was elementary, not abstract

Designers were exhorted to imagine, not imitate

Designers chatted with users, not just think up personas

Designers focused on solving problems, not design trends

Design was fun and messy, yet gave birth to insightful ideas

Designers were inspired to ask “What’s next?” not “What now?”

Design was delightfully surprising, not predictable

Design was measured as a whole, not in parts

Design was warm and welcoming, not cold

Designers created unique brands, not uniform products

Designers designed by walking with users, not just thinking about them

And then I woke up.

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