A couple of years ago I started to get more interested in , I even tried to brew a couple of times (not quite successfully to be honest)

Then last year I started to use an called Untappd, so I could register the beers I had and try new ones.

Screenshots of Untappd App

Why redesign the app?

One of my friends recommended me to use the app, it’s a great way to track the beers and see how your friends liked the ones they had tried.

But he had to explain to me how to use it…it has too many options, so I got lost as soon as I opened the app.

Where to start? 🤔

I thought there was room for improvement in the app, so I started to ask others about their opinion.

I did customer interviews with people that had the app installed in their phone and people that didn’t. But making sure everybody had something in common: they like craft beer.

Persona from user interviews

From these interviews, there was a common problem that everybody mentions:

Users would like an easier way to find new beers that they didn’t have when they go to a pub or brewery

Also, I notice that most people didn’t use all the functionally that the app had

They went to the app to check-in a new beer or to find out if they had a specific beer.

Then I start sketching 🖌

Things that I wanted to keep:

  • Gamification: it is a really pleasant experience to earn badges! in general, all people like to win things, isn’t it? Also, there is a healthy competition between your friends to see who has discovered more new beers.
  • Social: see what friends and other people thought about a beer, but also the translation of the Facebook like, the Untappd toast. Be able to toast with your friends even if they are in another country.

Things that I wanted to remove:

  • Too many lists: you have trending beer, trending locations, top-rated beers, top-rated locations…a lot of data difficult to digest
  • Order a ride: none of the people that I interviewed saw the benefit to order a cab from the app, they would just go to the app on their phone.

Let’s find new beers easy!

I wanted to reduce the number of options by creating three sections: search, recommendations and trending beers.

At the same time I added two functionalities:

  • Label picture search your beer from the picture of the label
  • Where are you? Select the place where you are and find your recommendations!

This will make it so much easier to find new beers to try when you enter a new place.

And because the app knows what you normally drink and also have the menus of the pubs/breweries, it will be a personalised experience for each user.

Fresh Brand

Untappd is a tool that is linked with an industry that in the last few years has changed a lot. The people like to find new breweries and taste different beers.

I think Uptapped is about connecting people and small businesses, people that have something in common and are passionate about it.

I brought into the visual identity pictures with vibrant colours for passionate people and white space to remove complexity.

— —

This is basically it, I hope you manage to go through it and that you like it 😊

Source link https://uxdesign.cc/untappd-redesign-c986b4069623?source=rss—-138adf9c44c—4


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