A General Assembly Project — NAFA IA & UI redesign.

The objective was to analyze the current flow of NAFA’s with the different methodologies with my teammate and to reintroduce a new and with a working prototype.

NAFA Background
Established in 1938, the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is Singapore’s pioneer arts education institution, well-known for grooming diverse artistic talent. Through industry-led practice and experiential learning, NAFA nurtures creative skills which lead at the forefront of both traditional and contemporary art practices.

The academy offers full-time diploma and degree courses through the School of Art & Design comprising 3D Design, Design & Media, Fashion Studies and Fine Art Programmes; School of Arts Management, Dance & Theatre; and School of Music.

Competitive Analysis
Me and my partner Tezel started by comparing two other competitors who are the prominent art institutions, Lasalle and NTU’s ADM, and evaluated their content and usability with ours using Jakob Nielsen’s ten heuristics evaluation.

Me & my partner Tezel

After analyzing the user experience of all three sites, we calculated that NAFA’s website fared the lowest when it came to learnability, efficiency, memorability, error recovery, and overall satisfaction (LEMErS scale).

The three major pain points we came across were Consistency, navigation flexibility and recognizing errors page to page. These are changes that we decided to take on during the restructuring of the site.

At the homepage, we noticed that lacked precise information about NAFA, and the poorly designed navigation drop-down menu which leads to a complex linking system between selections also highlighted that the three major pain points of consistencies, navigation flexibilities, and error recognition.

Our User Personas
The new site would have the needs of the users represented by our three personas, and here there are.

To understand more insight into our competitors, we put together a same list of task to compare the persona’s journey in all three schools.

The persona’s journey showed that the users took more steps on NAFA’s website compared to Lasalle and NTU’s ADM.

NAFA’s Current Information Architecture

We reached inside into the issue starting with a content audit of NAFA’s site and drew up an overview Information Architecture of the current site. One thing we quickly realized was that although the navigation spread out systematically, the two headers ‘Courses’ and ‘Schools’ had overlapping pages and two ways to access, and that could not be easily comprehensible by new users.

Card Sort

Our first round of card sort revealed the issues we gathered during our primary research so that we decided to redo the menu listing again.

Source link https://uxdesign.cc/a-user-experience---for--the--website-information-architecture-ia-c1444d5242fb?source=rss—-138adf9c44c—4


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