The Problem :

People travel usually to their office by bike as it is the fastest way to reach. But the statistics show that the high risk of bike accidents in the city. Individual feel that there should be an for users like them to notify their friends or strangers during the and also able to initiate by themselves.

The Solution :

A mobile app which let’s user to initiate an emergency process by sending alert to your circle ( by sharing your location ), it allows the user to initiate emergency by themselves in emergency situations and also allow the user to mark danger zones areas in their city.

During my shot research process, i was able to interview few people and comes up with the following archetypes –

The Worrier :

Someone who use an app to keep a track on their loved ones for example children,

Goals Identified :

  1. Able to track their loved ones easily by accessing their real-time location
  2. Able to contact them during an emergency
  3. Able to access and understand features in an application

The Routiner :

Someone whose routined is scheduled on a daily basis ( for example employees working in a company ).

Goals Identified :

  1. Able to initiate one-step emergency by oneself easily.
  2. Able to send their current state while accidents occur.
  3. Notification to a trusted circle without 24/7 tracking.

Personal safety can be shared by a circle of trusted family and friends

Design Screen Hypothesis ( 1/4 )

Considering user goal’s in mind, my idea was to allow users to first create an account through facebook or google, permission for accessing your location and finally to create your emergency circle –

An emergency circle is one of the better ways to connect with your family and friends during emergency times

Login | Permission | Create a circle page
Sending invite to your friends, to join in your circle

Design Screen Hypothesis ( 2/4 )

After sending invites to a user, the app will navigate a user to provide their basic details such as name, home address and emergency contact number for setting up their account.

Design Screen Hypothesis ( 3/4 )

The app will now navigate user straight to the emergency initiation page ( home page ). During the emergency, the person doesn’t have enough time to navigate through an app. That’s why adding the CTA button in the center makes easier for a user to set up emergency help instantly.

Friends Activity Page :

This page allows a user to view the activity of their circle, the circle can be your friends or family. It will not only able to provide a real-time location to a user also it will able to update the status ( Stable, Injured, Critical ) of the user too.

Emergency Initiate | Circle Acitivity | Circle Help Page

Design Screen Hypothesis ( 4/4 )

As the intensity of traffic are very high in some areas and there are chances of sudden accidents that could happen to anyone, the user should have the ability to make their own danger zone within the city they live. Which allows other circle members to keep a track on them through notifications.


This feature needs more iterative design. Pulling in crime data might be a way to suggest safe routes to Lucy.

You can view full app prototype here :

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