A new version of my popular translation is out!

When I published the first version of the Plugin four month ago, I received a lot of positive feedback. Since then it got downloaded over 240 times which is in average two times a day! 🙌 Today, I am excited to share the release of version № .

The new plugin still translates any Text Layers and Text Overrides based on your Selection, your Current Page or the Entire Document. So what’s the matter with the first version?

  1. Google API key required. In the plugin version 1, you are required to get a Google Cloud account to generate and paste your personal API key to let the plugin fetch translations.
  2. Recurring costs after 1 year. You will be charged by Google per translated character after one year of free usage.

This means, you first need to spend valuable time to get everything running and then need to take care that translations won’t cost you too much money.

✨ No set-up in Version 2 ✨

I developed a solution which you can use without the hustle of setting up a key while fearing a bill at the end of the month. With a flat one-time payment to a young ambitious guy (me) you’ll get the exact same nice plugin — but with following extras:

  1. No API key needed. 
    Just install and use. No sign-up, no nothing.
  2. No recurring or hidden costs. 
    You’ll get a plugin which you can use as long as you like.

The plugin is compatible with the current Sketch Version 51.2 and I will do my best to regularly push compatibility updates to both plugin versions, one and two. But without any further ado:

Get the new Sketch Auto Translate

Source link https://blog..io/sketch-auto-translate-plugin-no-2-8727b1fd4d77?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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