From the secret of happiness to the secret of good design, discover great speeches about and psychology

This is Diego Rivera’s sketch for one of his many masterpiece murals “Detroit Industry”. More than a sketch, this is a true work of art and shows Rivera’s genius for conveying emotions through monumental art. Credit: Huffington Post

allows one to think in a different way and be much more attentive while listening to a speech. I wrote about my experience learning to sketchnote in a previous post; to sum it up, skechtnoting gave me serious headaches but once I let go of the fear of drawing, I started enjoying myself. I practiced some more by watching a bunch of UX speeches and wanted to share the result. Hope you’ll enjoy!

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The secret of design is noticing — Tony Fadell

Apple designer Tony Fadell explains how our brain trains us to become accustomed to certain problems, which prevents us from noticing problems and fixing them. He gives advice on “how to stay beginners”, which Steve Jobs used to tell his staff.

My sketch : There are a lot of connecting ideas in the speech which I wanted to show this but I think the overall result is a bit too crowded.

Reinventing User Experience — Kes Sampanthar

Innovator Kes Sampanthar makes the case for motivational design, an approach that is based on neuroscience and calls for a cross-disciplinary approach.

My sketch: the speaker gave many interesting examples and complex information so I tried to only mention the key points of the speech.

Complex ideas are hard to draw. I chose to simplify the content.

How to make choosing easier — Sheena Iyengar

In this really interesting speech, Columbia business professor Sheena Iyengar explains how to improving decision-making can help to better conduct user research.

My sketch: there was so much good content in this speech that it was hard to draw and select the info. I’m not sure if my sketch is very clear but I enjoyed making it.

WOW moment: CEOs take most of their decisions in less than 9 min and less than an hour. That’s how important good decision-making skills are.

404, the story of a page not found — Renny Gleeson

In this very short speech (5 min), executive and mentor Renny Glesson explains why a 404 page is a design opportunity.

My sketch: He’s telling a story, and I wanted to do the same!

Don’t forget about your 404 page when designing a website!

The secret to happiness — Shawn Achor

Psychologist Shawn Achor gives a comic performance while delivering his speech on the sciences of happiness. His science-based advice to improve well-being are easily applicable to your day-to-day life. If you want to laugh and learn something at the same time, watch it!

My sketch: The speaker used so many vivid examples that it was quite easy to illustrate his speech!

It only takes 2 minutes everyday to be happier!

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