Playlist sorting options are also hidden behind yet another mystery meat button, which is itself extra hidden.

If you think that was as bad as hidden options can get, was just getting warmed up. Check this out.

Here we are, back at the playlist view. Note that this is the default top of the list that shows up when you first go to the list.

The meatballs menu in the top right does not contain an option to change sorting options (e.g. sort by name, date, artist), so between that fact and the lack of any other visible option, a user might conclude that mobile lacks the ability to sort differently. I certainly did.

It was only after consulting Spotify’s help that I found the answer. It turns out that you have to scroll up. This is what you see if you flick the screen downward, i.e. scroll up:

Still no sorting options, though. That’s the same meatballs menu as before…. but wait, there’s more!

It turns out you can scroll even further upward, and if you do, you get a filter field, plus a very hard to see hamburger button on the right. First off, why the hell did they make the hamburger almost invisible? Maybe more importantly, why did they require two flicks of your finger to get there? If you simply swipe downward from the default view, the scrolling will automatically stop before the Filter field appears.

Not only was there no indication I could swipe up from the default view, but there is definitely no reason to believe that I could scroll any further than that. No matter how hard you swipe, the screen will not scroll up to the field without a second swipe. Why would they make it that hard to find? Once you do find it, will you even notice that hamburger?

Let’s say you do, this is what you will get:

Eureka, right? I’m not done yet though. Let’s say I select “Recently Added”.

Yes, that is a check. It is not a downward or upward arrow. That is because mobile Spotify does not let you distinguish between sorting in ascending or descending order. You get one (descending) order and that’s it.

I’m still not done yet, because there’s one more thing. Even though my screenshots made it seem like the check appears there next to “Recently Added” as soon as you select it, that’s not what happens. If I select an option, this screen automatically disappears, without even showing the check move beforehand. I have to go back into the menu to verify the change was made.

Turns out this shitty little screen isn’t worth the trouble it took to find it.

Important lessons

  • Don’t hide content above the starting point of the page.
  • The only thing worse than a mystery meat button is a camouflaged mystery meat button.
  • Provide feedback when a user changes a setting.

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