During my participation on flixbus 🚌 track at [email protected] hackathon at LMU Entrepreneurship Center in munich.

The aim of this track is to develop ideas and implement prototypes to improve the communication of flixbus collecting relevant data from the internet.

There was a lot of talented Engineers that have very good experience scraping the social media and get the data from it that is related to flixbus 🚌 and generate the emotions from this data by using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence 🤓.

Me and my team decided to take different direction, after a lot of brain storming I got inspired with the survey that enforced to do when i was in my university. they made our grades invisible until you finish the survey for all the professors “SNEAKY University” 😈 . It was sneaky way to get the survey by everybody and the percentage of doing by this way is 100%. but the main problem with this is doesn’t feel motivated to fill this survey and always feel enforced to do. while surveys is all about feelings. 
you can stand with gun 🔫 pointing to head of somebody and ask him “Do you feel alright? 😐 ”.

In addition to our inspiration 💡 we had on my last trip with flixbus 🚌 I discovered the have free Wi-Fi 📡 in the bus and I was super happy 😃 when i find it. but it was limited to 100 MB only 😔.

From here we got the brilliant Idea 💡. we decided to use the free Wi-Fi 📡 and the Sneaky way to collect feedback and make the user happy 😃.

When you start the trip in flixbus 🚌 and decide to connect to the free Wi-Fi 📡you will get login terms and conditions page and you have to agree of the usage of the internet and after some time this popup appears again that you exceeded the limit of the 100 MB internet 🌎.

And here it comes our idea 💡 ! we decided to develop survey 📃 in this stage and reward our users with more free internet. Durning the usage of the first 100 MBs, user would spend some time in the trip and they would be able to give reasonable feedback 📃.

Then the exceeding limit popup appears 😔 but it has reward 😉 for the user to make them happier 😃, if they help us doing the survey we will reward them with free more internet.

For the survey system 📃 we decide t o make it more fun and more emotional . the latest researches that have been done on people always shows there feelings by emojis 🙃 , and surveys as I mentioned earlier was all about feelings.
so we decided to use emojis in a fun way to make user expose there feeling to us. In a addition of the Gamification 🎲 part that we added to the survey to make the user feel rewarded and happy in the process. and also customize the Emojis for the users according to there selection.

Survey skeleton 💀

And Finally below the full demo prototype 📱.

Demo Prototype

Source link https://uxdesign.cc/surveys-and-user-----2853d01b455c?source=rss—-138adf9c44c—4


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