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The Dilemma

There comes a time in each creative professional’s life when they confront a brutally basic question: should I stay or should I go?

Reasons can vary from person to person. You may have some active job offers in the pipeline, maybe you want to scale to new career levels or you’re simply bored at your current job. Whatever triggered your dilemma, don’t wait until frustration will drive you crazy. It may harm you in the long run.

What To Do?

If such an uncertainty has hit your head and you can’t let your thoughts go, you should probably change your job.

Switching jobs from time to time is a natural step and you should consider it an upgrade. Sometimes a necessary one!

But more important than the change of “scenery” is taking away some learned lessons from each of your previous experiences. Otherwise, you won’t reach world domination! It’s your duty to become a better version of yourself with every new position!

How To Do It?

  • Envision the kind of role you’d like to fulfill and seek for similar job opportunities in your area. Know the resource demand of the market. Read about the companies that are in the search for people like you.
  • Don’t get uncovered. Stay safe. Don’t quit your actual job before you have your next contract signed.
  • Build a relevant portfolio. Compose showcases that are not just visually appealing images; pay attention to include only the most worthy projects. Detail your processes and highlight the value you added to them.
  • Craft your resume. Make it unique and no longer than a single page, nobody likes to read the same collection of experiences over and over again, for each candidate. Find some tips here about what to avoid in your resume/portfolio.
  • Apply to the desired job openings. Just hit the “send” button. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Master the HR interview. Find out more about the work environment and the organisational culture that the interviewing company promotes. Surprise them by knowing some facts from their website’s About or Services sections. Check their social media content. Know how to “sell yourself”.
  • Be smooth at the technical interview. Show them you’re aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be an overpriced bottle of wine with a disappointingly cheap aftertaste. Also, don’t be an underpriced and mediocre labeled premium wine. Be yourself and know your value.
  • Be patient, you know you’re not the only candidate. Some companies wait up to 3–4 weeks until they reply you. Don’t get annoyed by rejections, there will be some for sure and that’s ok.
  • Celebrate the one that hired you. Take a moment to congratulate yourself because your effort to get a new job finally paid off.
  • Quit your current job in a fashionable manner. Don’t close the doors left behind. Be elegant and leave the building with your head up.
  • Destination reached. You did it! Now it’s time to start working your ass off!
  • One more: Don’t forget your starting point. Be grateful to your previous team or company because they made you what you are today, with the good and bad included.

You Can Do It!

Good Luck!


Apropos of how important is to learn something from each previous job, you can read about my takeaways from my past experiences.


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