For the last couple of years I have been regularly meeting with designers from various countries and backgrounds to offer them and career guidance. These are one of the most efficient ways I have found to give back to the community some of what I have learned from it — the same reason why we curate and share content here on the UX Collective every week.

The we cover in those sessions vary a lot depending on each designer’s particular goals at that point in time: portfolio review, career advice, critique, questions about working in agencies or working abroad, or simply high-level conversations about where digital is headed.

The other day I was looking back at all the sessions I have had.

So many faces.

So many people on the other side of the line.

So many challenges to talk through.

Up to this point I have had more than mentorship sessions, according to my Google Hangout call history. Once I week I’ll jump on a video call, for 15–45 minutes, with someone different.

Honestly, I wish I had kept a more detailed log of every one of these conversations. Each story is so unique and so special that I feel deeply connected to the mentee (despite the short duration of the meetings). And still: when I step back and look at the totality of sessions, I am able to identify the patterns on the most topics people want to chat about. This post is a collection of some of them.

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