pages work marketing wonders when well — when optimized for the target audience landing pages have the power to increase your business growth.

So, how do you know if the landing you’ve just created is going to be ‘The One’ when it comes to fulfilling your conversion goal for a campaign. Yes, you can create heat maps, run A/B tests, and set up polls, but all of this comes after your has attracted a good amount of traffic.

So, what do you do.

Well, there is a you can use to determine whether you’ve created a - landing page. This can be used at any time, even if your landing page design is just on your whiteboard.

I call this technique the ‘individuality technique’.

What is the individuality technique?

We all know that landing pages are made up of 6 main elements and each elements has their individual purpose. The elements and their corresponding purposes are:

  1. Headline: the landing page headline introduces the offer to your visitors.
  2. Body copy: the copy further explains the offer, the benefits visitors can expect to get when they click the CTA button.
  3. Media: you have the option to either add a gif, image, or video on your landing page. The purpose of landing page media is to make the page aesthetically appealing while being relevant to the offer.
  4. Lead capture form: The form collects important lead information that enables you to segment your audience and start a relationship with them.
  5. CTA button: The CTA button is the doorway to getting your visitor to the next step. The button attracts visitors with its contrasting design and the button copy explains to them what the next step is going to be.
  6. Social proof: Social proof whether in the form of customer testimonials, or customer badges lets visitors know that they can trust your brand, helping remove any anxiety from the conversion process.

The individuality principle the efficacy of a landing page by looking at how effective each element is at fulfilling its purpose.

Look at each page element individually, does it fulfill its purpose? Can it explain the landing page offer on its own, or does it have to depend on other elements to fulfill the purpose it was created to fulfill.

If all your landing page elements have a purpose on their own, and explain the offer adequately then you can rejoice because you have created a landing page that can bring you leads.

Let’s look at the inidviduality technique in action on the Intercom landing page:

  • Headline: The headline introduces the importance of growth for a business, that is basically a stepping stone for the ebook that the landing page is offering.
  • Copy: The copy explains what the ebook has in store for visitors who decide to click the CTA button.
  • Images: The images on the landing page feature the ebook cover, and an inside peek of the book showcasing to visitors what they can expect.
  • CTA button: The CTA button color contrasts with the background and the copy tells visitors what to expect after they click the button.
  • The lead capture form: The form appears after the CTA button is clicked, it gathers visitor information and features the same CTA at the end.
  • The featured writers section tells visitors who they’ll get to hear from once they download the ebook.

Using the individuality technique it’s easy to see that the Intercom landing page elements work individually and as a whole. Even if you were to remove the CTA button from the rest of the page it would tell you that you were about to download an ebook. The same goes for the images, even without the surrounding elements you would still understand that the images are from an ebook.

Sometimes it’s necessary to look at the smaller picture

Looking at your landing page as a whole helps you understand what your target audience will see when they come to your landing page. However, when you look at the elements individually you get to see whether they have the power to convince your audience on their own, this helps you determine (when you’re not in the position of collecting data) whether you’ve got a winner or loser on your hands.

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