The button is arguably one of the most important elements on your landing page.


Because as its name suggests, the button is where the ‘action’ happens. The landing page headline, the image, the copy, the lead capture form are all building up to what the CTA has to say.

And yet a majority of the landing page CTA we come across every day are a let down when compared to the rest of the page elements. Most marketers have mastered the whole contrasting color technique, you can find numerous articles that offer you research on what color CTA converts the most.

That’s why even if you don’t a CTA button on a landing page you’re still drawn toward it.

Let’s look at Qlik’s landing page as an example:

  • The headline explains the benefit of the ebook
  • The copy explains what the user will learn from the ebook
  • The form headline gets to take notice of the form
  • The social sharing buttons add social proof

All the landing page elements seem to be doing what they’re meant to do, except the CTA button, the copy ‘Download Now’ doesn’t inspire action.

It’s not ‘call to action’ worthy copy. What’s ironic is that the headline they’ve placed before the copy ‘Unlock the ROI in your Data’, heck even the form headline, ‘Get your ebook now’ would serve as better CTA copy than the plain Jane ‘Download Now’.

Your CTA button should inspire action by telling visitors what they’ll get when they do that action, it shouldn’t be a simple verb.

Yes, a contrasting CTA button gets visitors to pay attention to it, but the attention the contrast gets is a visual one — to get your visitors to click the CTA, you need copy that inspires them into action.

How do you write CTA button copy that inspires action?

The to getting your CTA button copy right every time is very simple, it really is, you just need to take the word ‘CTA button’ at its face value and copy that depicts what the word implies.

CTA button copy ‘Download’, Submit’, ‘Register’ don’t rake in as many conversions because they’re only fulfilling half of what the CTA button must do — they’re only talking about the ‘action’.

Your CTA button copy shouldn’t just outline an action that visitors must take, but it should ‘call them’ to that action.

Instead of having the CTA button copy ‘download’ on your ebook landing page, go for ‘download the ebook to (insert value here)’. Want to attract registrants for your webinar, go for CTA button copy that calls users to action, instead of the ordinary ‘register’ try ‘register to understand (insert value here)’.

No matter what product you’re promoting or the type of landing page you’re creating, craft your CTA button copy not just for an action but for a call to action — this is what the button is meant to do.

Instead of ‘Start Today’, go for a more personalized approach for the call to action, may be, ‘Start Your Business Today’ or ‘Start Turning Ideas into Reality’:

Shopify landing page

Call your visitors to action, and they will respond

Give your CTA button copy a look over, does it just describe an action? Or does it call your visitors to action by telling them what they can expect next, or what value they’ll get once they click. If the button does the former, change the copy to inspire action, personalize it, and the conversions will come.

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