I know most people cannot productively at . Someone finds it difficult to organize themselves. Others can’t make the right schedule to at home. For others, the environment at home (or a cafe) is just not optimized for in general.

So, now I want to describe the ideal that inspires me to be productive work at home. Find my most essential tips below on how to set up a productive home :

Workstation position

It’s best to locate the desk near or in front of the window. This way you can see the outside world, and have a better sense of time when working. That and seeing people out there keep you motivated to continue the work.

Big and clean desk

It’s essential to arrange the workspace at home in a way that it would serve as a “magnet” for you to begin working and enjoy the working process. From my point of view, big and clean workstation inspires me to do great things.

You shouldn’t forget about the physical comfort while working: investing in the standing desk is a good idea because sitting for a prolonged period of time can be bad for your health.

Eliminate all distractions

Majority of us have a habit of distracting by most random things. Me too. I am distracted by my smartphone, for example. I am always trying to stop phubbing during the work.

If you have the same unproductive habit, then I advise you to start using some application that can lock you out of sites and apps which distract you from work.

Task organizer

Nowadays using the task management application is one of the best decisions to boost your work not only at the home office but also at the traditional one. Find a good task organizer to manage all your tasks and keep you up with different deadlines such as Trello, Google sheets, etc.

Also, I would like to add some design tips to transform the unhealthy home office into the healthy one.


Proven, that the light can influence the state of the mind and prosperity. So, the natural light (sunlight) is the best sort of light you can have in our home office.

Fluorescent lights can cause weariness, make pressure on eyes and strain the eyes. So, the solution is to find that natural light that tends to enhance our mood and help you focus. Also, you should be aware of the position of the light sources: place them where it cannot blind your display.


According to research, the color of the home office room might subtlety influence the work hours and the quality of the accomplished work. That’s why you should choose a room color that will suit the personality and inspire you to work.


In the end, the home office should make you feel comfortable and help your well-being. This should be a place where you do your best work by increasing your productivity, and lets you stay healthy while working.

That’s it. The question of how to set up the workstation environment is essential for me, so, if you have some useful tips on how to arrange it better, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or contact me per email, Twitter or Instagram.

Thank you for reading 👏


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