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The game designer creates the rules and physics of the game, all rules and laws need to be very clear and structured. The game has its characteristics, for example, the character can not cross walls, jump no more than X meters, a get certain speed, etc. — that is, we have the limitations and we must learn to deal with them so that we can play.

Sonic — an eternal SEGA classic

All the tools in the game have a well-defined purpose, neither more nor less than you need. If the player can not overcome the challenges in a stage, it is a sign that he has not mastered them, nor does he know how to use his tools in the best way. From the moment he manages to master his tools and abilities, he will be able to overcome the challenges and move on to the next stage.

The player seeks to understand the game and its rules, tests the limits and does not question the rules imposed by the game. Do we in Life have the same posture with the laws that are imposed on us that we dont have control, as the laws of the universe for example? Just as in , in life we ​​have Laws that rules our relations with people, with things and with the world, we must “know how to play” (deal) with these laws so that we can relate to others and to the world, respecting the space of each one and living harmoniously in society.


An avatar is a representation of the player within a virtual universe. Have you wondered about the psychological-existential issues involved on that? I think most people never stop to think about it, how crazy is it that you could take another role with completely different characteristics from you in a virtual world — games like The Sims, Second Life, GTA and a host of others shows the impact it has on people. Nowadays with the creation of the VR glasses this power of immersion has become even greater.

Facebook VR

“Immersive digital experiences, such as games and virtual worlds, borrow the term ‘Avatar’ as the projected representation of the user within the immersive environment. In this context, the avatar can either seek the full representation of the user in the projected virtual environment (usually when in Metaversos) or extrapolate it as imaginary and / or anthropomorphic characters when in more playful immersive environments“ Wikipedia

It’s interesting to observe that one of the meanings of the Sanskrit word Avatar is “… the incarnation of the Real in the Virtual,” that is, the incarnation of our universal and eternal values ​​(justice, goodness, brotherhood, etc.) in a virtual body if it were me or you, your personality and your characteristics, that are temporarily incarnated in a physical body.

How is it possible for such an old word to have relations with our postmodern digital world?

In various schools of thought and ancient religions (such as Buddhism) Matter is illusory and fleeting, ephemeral. In a thousand years, this desk that supports my computer as I write will no longer be a desk, my computer will stop being a computer and I will also stop being myself because I will be dead. This means that at this very moment the desk, the computer and I are virtual; we are temporary projections of something real in a virtual world. In this view, the Eternal would be the Real, that which is beyond all these temporary projections in the virtual, which is beyond what we can see as matter, beyond the world of forms. Real would be our “spirit” and the virtual our “personality”.

We can also change that level and make an analogy where the Player is the “spirit” and the “personality” is our Avatar in the game; would this be the virtual within the virtual? 🤔

Have you ever died today? ; )

Another very interesting parallel of thinking between the avatars and our Life is that along the way we assume various roles, at different levels and at different stages. At times you are the son, in others the husband, the designer, the father, the coworker — our Personas. But is there a thread that connects all these people? Yes, that would be exactly the Real, the eternal, that which is beyond matter. Each situation and stage of our lives demands different abilities, different behaviors, different thoughts, and in the same way we have to learn to use our acquired skills to overcome those real obstacles that are put in our way in life.

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