Story Behind The Fabulous App

Fabulous is an award-winning coaching and habit-tracking app. Taylor Ling, the co-founder of Fabulous, shares the creative story behind the app.

Fabulous App 

Taylor says that the behavioral change is a difficult thing to create. Not having a delightful design would make it difficult to inspire trust and excitement in users.

It’s not just about the visuals, but also the language used, as well as the whole flow. The effects are the users falling off the wagon after using some uninspiring tools.

The team established three design elements that had to exist in the design of the app so it could be effective in habit-forming for users:

  1. One of the key emotions of the design was Mysterious yet Familiar. This is evident from the logo of Fabulous and every design element that you see in the app.
  2. Mysterious is the feeling that evokes interest in something. At the same time, it piques the user’s curiosity to explore because they are seeking something new and impactful in their everyday life.
  3. There’s also the fear of the unknown in exploration. This is why they brought Familiar to the table, so the mysterious fear of the unknown would be more about daring to try something new.

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