5. Does my company need a DesignOps person?

Let me start with an important distinction here.

There’s DesignOps-the-mindset, and there’s DesignOps-the-role.

Every design team with more than 1 person needs some form of DesignOps thinking, simply because you want to make sure designers are not working in silos. If you’re looking for higher quality and efficiency in your design process, it’s important that your designers share the same tools, templates, and workflow, for example. Making sure there is a clear naming structure for files and folders, for example, will end up saving you time when you need to go back and find an old file in your servers.

Having a “DesignOps mindset” in your team is important, no matter how big your company is. It creates efficiencies in the long run, and generates more consistent work.

Now, whether you need to hire a dedicated DesignOps person? Well, that’s a different question.You’re probably going to need one when your design team headcount surpasses 40–50 designers; sometimes earlier, if your team structure is too fragmented; sometimes later, if team managers already take on that responsibility.

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