1. Talk: For a good , first you need to understand some basics… What’s the problem the client wants you to solve, why they need to do so, how you can help them, and most important, can you help them?. Most new designers have the idea that they can solve any problem they face, say yes to all projects they can, maybe for money, experience or because they really believe they can help but that’s not always the case.

2. Wireframes: All good designs come from pen and paper. Grab a book, a piece of paper or maybe a napkin and something to write and start sketching. Low fidelity wireframes are the key to a beautiful design!.

3. Now take those sketches and try to see how they will interact if you click a button what part screen will it show, how the user should navigate your app/website. It’s a good practice and helps you to understand better the project.

4. Mid-fidelity wireframes: Now that you know how your app should look and how the user should navigate try to jump in something like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch and try to create a more accurate prototype, remember that it shouldn’t be perfect but just simple enough to prototype well and show to a client for the first time. Work in the interactions, the look, and feel, the way of the user navigates, and then see if it can solve the client problem perfectly.

5. Jump in Figma, Sketch, XD, Studio, or whatever you use and make the prototype perfect, will al the assets, the colors and so on so the client can taste the how the final product would look.

6. This step is for most people is the last. Jump in Webflow, code or pass it to the developer team and then get paid for your work!

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