Remember that time when every page tried to look exactly the same as Stripe? Candy gradients, smooth fonts, skewed shapes, soft shadows and so on… I think there was even a blog post with a collection of similar sites.

But anyway, it’s August . Maybe it’s time for some new trends? Absolutely! And they have evolved a little bit. It’s less about site itself, it’s more about . Lots of illustrations.

So here’s the Ultimate Guide To Designing Landing in 2018:

  1. Put some copy on the left side + illustration on another. That doesn’t sound so new, does it? But bear with me…
  2. Draw random curved shape. Like you spilled paint on a canvas. This is gonna be your background.
  3. Create abstract illustrations of people enjoying whatever they do. Remember that people illustrations should be faceless (or almost faceless). Definitely, don’t let anyone recognize facial expressions.
  4. Your illustrations have to be disproportionate. For example, unnaturally huge legs, or a really small head, or (…).
  5. Keep everything flat. Avoid blurred shadows and glows.
  6. Bonus points for applying grain/noise filters on your illustration.

And that’s about it — all you need now are skills and a pretty good idea.

If you don’t believe me, let me show you a few examples from Dribbble.

USAA | The Design Genome Project by Jack Daly from InVision
Home Page Interaction by Harsh Vijay from Brucira
Enjoy Your Work by Sushama Patel
CrowdRise Pricing & Partners by Stian Sandsgaard from Unfold
surprises by Annabelle from Top Pick
Marathon Race by Hafid Fachrudin from Paperpillar
Illustration for landing page by Randompopsycle from Paperpillar
Header Underwater World by Nicholaus Gilang from OWW
CryptoBender Header, also by Nicholaus Gilang
Hair salon — concept landing page by Divan Raj
Galaxy Space Trip Header by Avian Rizky from Sebo
Placeholder landing page by Cuberto
Travel app landing page by Ketan from Mindinventory
HIKER Landing Page by Benediktus Rafael from OWW
Product Page: Notified by Vladimir Gruev from Heartbeat Agency

I think you can now see the pattern, right? It’s all about illustrations. Illustrations in very similar styles. But even though they are almost identical, each of those is quite creative and eye-catching.

And don’t get me wrong — I’m not trying to criticize specific designers (or the design industry). In fact, I wish I had some of their talent and skill. But we are heading towards a specific trend.

Is it a good trend? I generally think it is more human than a Stripe-like style which, to me, is more product-centric &; focused on features instead of values. This new trend helps build a connection with the user, creates certain feelings, and just feels more friendly and fun.

I really dig this style and I’d personally love to play with it, so hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity to upload🏀 a shot like it someday :).

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