This is the result of the survey, The of UX —  (here are the result from 2017, 2016 & 2015 in Swedish). The survey was in Swedish (next year I’ll add English) but this report will be in mostly English.

The answers was collected during July and September 2018 and 355 people answered this year(hey, we got a record!).


  • More strategic designers and leaders answered this year. Are we seeing a trend of organizations finally start to see as a strategic capability?
  • More service designers answered, are more companies starting to understand that design is is not only about digital?
  • The salary between men and women is more equal than before and the average salary is +3,1% compared to last year.


First some demographic numbers so you will get a better picture of who answered the survey.

What is your gender ?

What is your age?

The largest group who answered was between 26 and 45.

What is your design experience?

The largest group who answered have worked with design for 2–7 years.

What type of company do you work at?

Most people who answered work in product/service company or consulting. For the first year more people who answered comes from product/service companies (going from 34% to 43%). I’ven seen this trend for some time and now we have some numbers on it.

What is your title?

Most people are using the title UX Designer. As I broaden the survey this year to include other designers like Service Designer I also got some answers from this discipline.

Interesting to see that more strategic roles, lead roles and lead designers starts to influence the market, which is probably an effect when larger companies start to build their own design capacity and need leaders.

I also noted that roles like product designers haven’t gain traction yet in Sweden yet.

Where do you work?

85% who answered work in the Swedens 3 largest cities even though there is a spread in many other cities. Some answered they work in many cities, not just one. And some who answered also worked in other countries.

Designers around Sweden

What school have you attended?

Most people have attended other schools than the pre populated ones I had in the survey. After that comes Linköping University, Stocholm University, Chalmers, Berghs, KTH, Umeå University & Hyper Island.

In the other bucket we found: Konstfack, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Otago, Luleå tekniska universitet, Central Saint Martins, The Art Institute of California — San Diego, Högskolan i Gävle, Lunds tekniska högskola, Linneuniversitetet, Högskolan Dalarna, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Lund Universitet, Högskolan i Halmstad, IHM, Mälardalens Högskola, Beckmans Designhögskola, TU Delft i Nederländerna, Högskolan Väst, Academy of Arts, San Francisco, Högskolan i Kristianstad, Jönköpings Tekniska Högskola, Broby Grafiska, MGPU Moskva and University of Zagreb.

What educational level did you go to?

This year most people answered who has a an Kandidatexamen (up 3%) and Masterexamen (down 4%)

How much do you think your education help you in your daily work?

Most people seem to think so. But the average is down from about 7 to 6 in average on the scale. How can we improve the design educations so that it really prepares students coming to work?

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