Picasso, Churchill, Balenciaga, Tiffany, Edison

Creativity is inherent in all of us. We are, by our nature, creators. All of us can, and most of us do, create in one way or another. We are undoubtedly at our happiest when we create something and put it out into the world.

Unfortunately, many of us use excuses for not creating such as: “I am not or talented enough.” But it is not right. After studying personalities such as Jane Austin, Picasso, Edison, Tiffany, Churchill, I realised that creativity and talent is a byproduct of courage and relentless work.

Every on the planet is creative. We all have it because we are all the same. The personality and individuality is a matter willingness to discover what’s inside of us and work on it until perfection. Thus, in short, we become a creative .

As I mentioned, courage is directly linked with creativity and innovation. But the best definition is offered by Paul Johnson:

Creative originality of outstanding quality often reflects vast resources of courage, especially when the artist will not bow to the final enemy: age or increasing debility.

I did set myself on a small quest to understand what is creativity and why some people were able to change the course of history through their creations. What led them to what they have been creating? Was there any secret sauce behind their work? How some people do take place in history, and others don’t?

In the end, I discovered a harsh  — it is hard work on a daily basis for an indefinite amount of time with no guaranteed result. As Johnson wrote, you have to be able to fight time and any disability you may have. Beethoven, had to fight his lacking power of hearing. Edison had to fail thousands of times before he came to the final version of the light bulb. Wagner lived in poverty and constantly begged for cash. Emily Dickens wrote her poems despite any encouragement, or response from the public, working in isolation and solitude.

And what amazes me the most when studying different personalities is that every creator is always creating work based on his predecessors. Nobody creates work from nothing. This was a stereotype for me for a long time. So let’s dive into short stories about creators and see how they worked and what made them so special.

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