I know you missed me. I’ve gotten mail. Rest assured, I’ll be back in full force at the beginning of September. In the meantime, I need to get something off my chest (what else is new?).

A couple of years ago, I was a member of AIGA. When I first joined, I got the typical welcome packet of use-once-and-destroy pamphletry, membership card, and some decals. It is of those decals that I wish to speak.

Here they are:

The first one is a circa-2014 hipster dressed like a lumberjack, if lumberjacks had gauge piercings and cooked vegan misser wot. The second appears to be some sort of 2011ish hipster in the form of an Illuminati pyramid, hopefully just moments from being suplexed by Alex Jones. May most galling of all is the fact that both of them are throwing metal horns. Who are these clowns fooling? They listen to “Portugal. The Man.”

Is this really how AIGA sees , as a bunch of arch-urban dingbats who drink ironic cocktails out of Ball jars? When I was a member, some decision-makers within the organization said they were interested in attracting more professionals. This is not how you do it.

Or is it?

Is UX overrun by semi-ironic yupsters who cannot change a tire? If so, does that explain the proliferation of terrible interface design that is unusable outside of the comfortable affluent millennial lifestyle? If iPhones are being designed by people who have never repaired their own stuff, they will design them to be absolutely worthless if a single component fails. If Google Maps is designed by people who don’t even own cars, how do you expect them to optimize it for navigating while driving?

Well, I for one want to make it clear that we aren’t all like this. In fact, I wish none of us were.

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