Views Tools code generation process is done on the fly and in the background

Writing code for designers — optional

How does it work?

Views is an entirely new concept your front-end design and development.

We’ve redesigned what a code editor means for the designer and made the engineer’s life easier! Views redefines how we make interfaces:

  • no hand off
  • designers fully control the experience, including animations
  • developers don’t have to style the front-end

Show me!

Views has a composition model with self-contained blocks. All the styles are part of each block. There is no CSS classes or ids!

The source of truth for Views is always code and Views Tools help designers contribute without writing it.

Season One just started 👇 where we showcase selected sophisticated features of the Views Tools interface editor (Gifs included)

S01E01: React state preview
S01E02: Predictive coding
S01E03: when animations
S01E04: Drag and drop
S01E05: Add scopes with one click — coming soon

Subscribe here to be notified when the Views Tools beta is out (summer 2018). Join our Slack team to meet the contributors. Follow me on Twitter if like me, you want a better alternative to the hand-off process.

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