User-Friendly product means not changing entire flow. We have to discover the pain points of user by doing user research and usability testing. Then try to solve those with . Those the product massively. Essentially, designer is the decision maker and problem solver by using his creativity and innovation.

Every product has 2 major goals. One is business goals and other is user goals. If we overcome those goals by using proper UX process then the product will be succeed.

Let’s see how we overcome those goals in real world with Tiny Tweaks

Real world — Example 1

What do we do in the physical world? Just like in the digital world, we accomplish tasks.

Business Goals vs, User Goals

Let’s say business goals is to reducing paper towels by using hand dryer in washroom

Here user goal is to dry hands, and enter & exit the washroom quickly.

Here the pain point is below

Here the hand dryer is not close to the sink. It is located on the opposite wall. The washroom visitors use the paper towels first since it is immediately reachable.

Solution is put the dryer closer to the sinks. So they are the first option for Hand drying.

Real world — Example 2

Two-way roads are very dangerous while travelling in night times. We can’t see opposite vehicles as they use high-beam lights. So it causes to accident by hitting the divider.

Let’s say business goal is reduce accidents

Here user goal is go home safely

Here the pain point is below

More accidents are happening in the night times by hitting dividers as everyone using high-beam lights.

Solution is planting on the dividers can be solved the problem. Plants don’t allow the lighting on opposite vehicles.

Let’s see how we overcome those goals in UX world with Tiny Tweaks

Few Facts about UI/UX

· People would read something that is visually appealing over something plain.

· 90% people will disrupt without call to action button.

· 52% of people will leave the website if the layout is unattractive.

· 74% of visitors want to see information about a company’s products/services on their website’s homepage.

· 99% of visitors will click on the company’s logo to navigate to the homepage.

UX world — Examples


Users need to have an emotional connection to the experience of using your product. If you are merely creating an interface and not an experience, you have limited chance of gaining user empathy.

We can gain user empathy by focusing on Tiny Tweaks like desirable images, useful content, clear visual hierarchy, prominent display, findable elements and accessible content etc…

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