What’s Next

As user experience designers, we would love to build better prototypes, measure the success by actionable metrics, conducting more usability tests/AB tests and iterating them based on the feedbacks given.

My key takeaway for this project is time management, and prioritising what needs to be done first. For 11-days, we wanted to do everything that we thought would help the project, but it was near to impossible. If i could tackle this project again, I would want to have a proper research plan to set the direction, with the right methodologies to drive the most impact. This will streamline the research process a lot.

“A messy mind will result in a messy product.”

is an amazing , but it’s a shame that the lacks intuitive interfaces that allows users to use it seamlessly. We hope that the re-design we will help foster a connection between the and the users, even at the slightest bit.

Source link https://uxplanet.org/the-singaporean-netflix-toggle-faf36c470e80?source=rss—-819cc2aaeee0—4


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