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Looking for inspiration? Here’s how is evolving

1. Animation as Narration

Motion and animation as a fully integrated part of the storytelling experience. Expect more scroll triggered animations, stunning transitions and quirky loading indicators.

Credit: Weima
Credit: Hello Monday — Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone

2. Expressive Typography

Whether its a big and bold geometric font, a classy serif or minimalist monospace, keep a look out for deliberate and beautiful uses of typography.

Credit: One & All Conference
Credit: The Engine

3. Handmade Texture and Illustrations

With so many digitally created illustrations over the years, it’s a relief to see handmade illustrations and textures on the web, adding a charming human touch to the web design landscape.

Credit: Spicy no spicy
Credit: Mailchimp

4. 360° Immersive Experiences

Expect to see more interactive experiences using 360º images or video. With more uses of 3D reality capture, VR and 3D media, this explorative experience feels invites tinkering, discovery and a sense of delight.

Credit: Magic Leap

. Unusual and Interactive Navigation

Expect to see more visually striking effects on hover or navigation like 3D parallax and tilts.

Credit: Kenta Toshikura
Credit: Denys Loveiko

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