Why we built the Unsplash integration

If you are Web designer or a marketer, you must have been in one of those final-final design reviews on staging websites where everything is at test.

You are going through and want to try another one (Or, maybe the CEO didn’t like it enough and now you have to go through looking for entire collection of )

Now, once you have got the “right” image you have to either put them in Sketch mockups or share them with front-end team to update them to for you to be able to visualize.

Almost there…

Ooops, CEO didn’t like this one either.

Let’s go for another round of looking for right image, sharing them front-end folks to update to the website.

Here goes your well planned weekend…

That’s why, we built Unsplash integration within Visual Inspector. To speed up your website iterations and save the day!!

Source link https://blog.prototypr.io/marketers-23825b031c61?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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