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UX (TUT) # 

🔍 Pew Research Center is one of my favorite sources for new research on technology & cultural trends. The Future of Wellbeing in a Tech Saturated World is an exhaustive report of the Pros and Cons of our increasing plugged-in life. My favorite part is near the end of the first page talking about interventions + potential solutions to digital problems, including recalibrating expectations, redesigning media literacy and regulation.

It’s a deeper dive into the recent data privacy and internet use concerns, as covered in TUT 22.


💰 Why customers buy from you is a great article on the counterintuitive customer psychology that’s not always related to price or features. I’ll highlight the main reasons here: 1) You sell better than your competitors 2) You are found first 3) You were the most trustworthy option 4) You were referred 5) You have sufficient brand equity 6) Your offer is significantly lower risk compared to your competitors.

There’s a couple more, but and UX can directly help with these reasons for why .


🍑 There’s a new subreddit in town, A**hole Design. This forum highlights “designs specifically crafted to make the experience worse for the user. This can be due to greed, apathy, laziness or just downright scumbaggery.” Highlights some of my personal annoyances, from Google Images removing the ability to view images directly, to how CitiBank gives users the impression of having a lower credit score. As always on Reddit, the comments are just as entertaining as the post itself.


🏨 AirBnB is on the forefront of using design to incentivize good behavior, and this is a fascinating look on their redesigned host experience. I dig how they are leveraging taxonomy to make listings more objective (and help hosts manage expectations), as well as provide hosts a more useful “report card” to make feedback metrics more actionable.


🏁 Career Coaching Corner: Should you re-attach your resume when following up on a job? I’ve gotten this question before and agree with the career coach here: go ahead and re-attach your resume (there’s not harm), especially if you’ve spent time polishing it.

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