When we think about , we think of about some fancy colors, styles, and layouts and it seems very hard to do those things. But if we take a look at the designs that seem appealing to our eyes and that are being developed by big companies and the changes they have made over the time. We will find that simple designs work very well.

In this article, I will you through the changes done in some of the most used apps around the world and how those changes can teach us to build better user interfaces.

Let’s see some of the changes done in these apps.

Changes done in Things App

After watching this image, we can see how those gradients and 3D looks went simpler and simpler with fewer colors and simple icons.

Those same things work for Facebook’s app. They removed those fancy gradients and started using simple icons.

Let’s look at some of the web designs.

Image taken from lapa.ninja
Image taken from lapa.ninja

So, what are the key takeaway from these designs?

  • Simple and few colors
  • Spacing around components
  • Using rounded corners
  • Simple icons
  • Alignment

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