Much of my work these days is revolving around UI/UX, as the sort of products we are building “needs” much concentration on UI/UX part. All these weeks of prototyping that I spent I observed myself doing a few over and over again.

Oh how careless am I ? Nope, we all do it. And a very simple reason behind this is; we are not designers, we are managers! There is no place for Lorem ipsum in what we do or display, we need to be focussed in what we are trying to achieve on every screen of the application and we end up losing the focus too.

Product Managers are always expected to be handling the soul of the product and later on it doesn’t seems like we are just working on the core. Guess what, I was just trying to explain my mother about what I do and ended up explaining myself as a janitor. Yeah funny!

10 freaky things I noticed I was doing while prototyping

  • Prototyping without personas, because you got much inspiration from Dribbble

I have this bad habit of exploring what is going on in the digital world and how they are bringing the whole world together through an application. Dribbble is the best place for that inspiration. Whenever I start wireframing, I look for people who might have done some similar work and know where I have to improvise. But wireframing without knowing the user of your own application can be a trouble.

  • Not covering the motion aesthetics

We think of the static parts majorly, the buttons, fields, details but thinking of the motion can really take it to another level.

Adding buttons or CTAs everywhere to redirect to the next screen or open a popup. And when I was done with one screen I noticed that I added too many CTAs leading to alot of rework just to make it look smoother this .

Yes, it was like missing the whole point. You can not guide the user without leaving out hints for him to follow.

  • No theme colors at all, and i spilled the whole palette

As I worked everyday with a different mood, my wireframes were reflecting that. And when we saw the whole flow it looked like a colorful palette.

  • Data driven designs, the whole point!

Always keep the data in mind, what you are going to display on the screen, what all parameters will be returned by the API. If you are not able to display all that conveniently, than you flow or design is missing the whole point.

Complementing the point I mentioned above, don’t over do the “data driven” thing in your design. Think of displaying only the data that is required to be displayed there. Such issues occur mostly for desktop/web based designs.

  • Switching between several tools

Whenever it comes to wireframing I keep switching between tools, because of some experience in the last used tool. This also lead to variation in designs.

  • It’s a wireframe not a unicorn

Never think of including everything into a wireframe. Leave scope for your team to provide inputs and make changes, and some work for your designing team too. Put less concentration on icons, font sizes, font color or styles etc.

  • Not thinking about the bigger picture

Making a design based on today’s understanding never survives tomorrow. You are developing it for a product then plan based on the roadmap of the product. You must always have a direction for your thinking and implementation while you wireframe. Always question or visualize the next version of the wireframe when you are done.

— — The End — —

Are these the pain points that you also suffered and improved? How did you improve these? Feel free to comment.

And yes, I will definitely write a blog for not sounding like a janitor whenever you are explaining about your role to total newbies or family critics.

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